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Bamboo Cabinets - An Eco-Friendly Alternative...

Bamboo cabinets should be a serious consideration for your kitchen or bath remodeling project or for new home construction. Bamboo offers the beauty of solid wood or veneer-faced cabinets with the environmentally-friendly use of bamboo. As a construction choice bamboo is quite durable, very hard (up to 50% harder than oak) and has a very impressive dimensional stability, which means less sagging shelves and warped doors.

Bamboo is a very sustainable product as the bamboo is harvested every 3 to 5 years compared to every 100 years for hardwood veneer. Also bamboo roots or rhizomes are left in tact and the stalks grow back very quickly. This is considered a rapidly renewable product for those of us who are green conscious. If you are particularly sensitive to indoor air pollutants, search for bamboo products that have been manufactured with water-based adhesives rather that the more commonly available formaldehyde gluing process of the plywood and veneer sheeting.

Also, bamboo is very hard as compared to many types of wood cabinets and is available is a variety of styles. Bamboo is available in a large variety of colors, unlike hardwoods, the color range is really quite impressive. Because bamboo grows in so many different areas of the world the trees mature differently, giving a wide range of colors, matching any decor.

There are a number of pre-manufactured or "prefab" bamboo cabinets available, with most being made from bamboo veneer with 1/8" edge strips at all edges. You can also opt for custom built cabinets, which, if completed by an artisan, will give you a work of art for the life of your home.

Bamboo cabinets are a great choice for your kitchen and bathroom. They are attractive, durable, and made from sustainable materials, it's a choice that will last a lifetime.

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