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Bar Keepers Friend: Great Cleaning Product

I found this cleaner a few years ago, and I recommend it to everyone, since it seems like a lot of people have never heard of it.  You can use it to clean your nice stainless steel pans, and it makes them nice and shiny, but you can also use it on copper. porcelain, grout and glass.  In fact, nothing cleans my Pyrex baking dishes better than this stuff.  I have also used it to clean my coffee cups clean.  I get it at Sur La Table in Chestnut Hill, but Target now carries it.

Roberta B.
This product has been around a long time. My mother who was born in 1930 remembers her mother using it. It has been a staple under our family's kitchen sinks for many yearsy and available at grocery stores. I believe that it is gentler than many products but works miracles! They have introduced a liquid form which is not quite as good as the powder but very I keep both on hand.
Lori C.
I've been using Bar Keepers Friends for a few years now. My mom discovered it and told me about it. Calphalon even recommends it in their literature on how to clean some of their pots and pans.
Mo S.
If this product is so strong, what exactly is in it? It would concern me (and not everything does!) if it is so strong and we use it on our cooking surfaces.
The name is in the title of the post - Bar Keepers Friend. There is also a link to their website, if you click on Visit Website.
If this is great stuff, why don't you share the name of the product?
This is the greatest cleaner in the world. Walmart carries it also. Anyhow, I found it as a sample when I bought my crock pot and used it because I could never get the ring out of it and when I used magic it was gone and didn't have to scrub hard. I always keep it in my house. My brother bought a new home and had a new water well and his water has rust in the pipes or whatever it made his sinks and tubs all yellow. He used every cleaner and nothing(even bleach) would get the yellow out. He thought pretty much it is stained and when I used this on it magic it was gone. Amazing stuff!!!!!!!!
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