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Bathroom Cleaning Tips That WILL Make Your Life...

If you are anything like me, cleaning the bathroom is not exactly your favorite thing to do.  Of course, we all know it's one of the most important rooms in the house to keep clean. 

Here are some bathroom cleaning tips that will help you to keep it clean without driving you crazy: 

  •  Set a schedule. Everything is easier if you have it on a schedule. Choose a time each week that you'll set aside to get the bathroom cleaning out of the way.
  • Keep Moist Cleaning Wipes in the bathroom and use them daily to wipe your sinks and toilet.
  • Wipe your bathtub out each time you use it so you don't end up scrubbing later. In the shower, use shower cleaning spray after each use. If you have a glass door, keep a squeegee in the bathroom so you can wipe the water off the door after each use. You'll stop water spots from forming and keep your glass doors looking great.
  • Scrub any tiles in your bathroom at least once a week. This will stop scum from appearing, which will be much harder to clean later.
  • Keep all the cleaning supplies that you typically use in the bathroom so you have them when you are ready to clean.
  • Put your kids in charge of easy jobs like wiping switch plates, keeping the sink wiped out, and spraying the shower.  Encourage them to pick up after themselves by putting clothes in the hamper after showers and hanging towels. 
Utilizing these cleaning bathroom tips will allow you to spend less time in the bathroom, but you'll still have a great looking bathroom all the time!
Bonnie C.
I found this product called "WOW Oven Cleaner" works really well in my bathroom. We have really hard water where I live. I purchased this product at our local dollar store. I had ran out of the shower cleaner so, I decided to try the oven cleaner and it worked.
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