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Bay Pointe Inn: Gun Lake, Michigan

Bay Pointe Inn is located on Gun Lake, halfway between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It's out of the way location makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind, no matter what time of year you visit.  In addition to soothing and upscale suites, the Terrace Grill is conveniently connected to the hotel and serves delicious food.  I have never personally been in the summer, preferring to avoid the peak business and prices.  

But they offer many lakeside activities that you can take advantage of at that time.  My personal favorite is the fall when you can look across the lake from the comfort of your room to see the trees changing color in the most spectacular form.  Also, check out Winter deals where you can buy one night and get one free.  And if you can, splurge on one of the deluxe suites with fireplace and jacuzzi tub in room (unless you need a kitchen, I actually prefer the Deluxe Suite to the Ultimate Suite).    

No matter when you go or in which room you stay, I have no doubt you will love the Bay Pointe Inn.

Gary V.
We went there for a family vacation, and ended up checking out after the second night (though they charged us for three!). The room was dirty, and there was no mattress in the Pack 'n Play for our one year old. Management (even the owner!) was unwilling to move us to another room or refund our third night that we weren't using. The conversation on their end revolved around their bottom line, not trying to make us happy. Did I mention that the fourth night was supposed to be free? So they got two nights back that they could possibly rebook, I just asked that I only pay for the two nights we stayed. A miserable experience to say the least, and they are supposed to be a "luxury resort".
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