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BB Gun Fun

Picnics can be pretty standard fare and when you're a weekend father you need to be extra creative. That's why I also include a special reason to be going on the picnic. Turn it into an adventure. One time I went out and bought a new BB Gun (with all the safety gear of course) and told the kids we had to drive very far into East County San Diego to find a park or space they would let us shoot it. They couldn't wait to get there. But I had no idea where we were going, so it made it real fun finding a place. Finally we found a park about 45 minutes east on HWY 8 and walked up a dry creek bed way into the foothills. It was kind of creepy, which just added to the fun. My eight year old daughter turned out ot be a pretty good shot! Before you knew it, it was dark and we'd spent the entire day there. As we were leaving I had gotten lost and we ended up coming out on a road beside a casino. I took the kids to the buffet there that night and they had the best time ever. TJ

Although this is a pretty unusual tip, I think that with the emphasis that the author has made on safety, it's actually a pretty neat idea for older kids. With the right supervision and safety gear, this sounds like it could a fun activity as long as the kids are old enough.
Sorry to be a fun-sucker, but I don't think most Familyzip parents want to give their kids guns and take them to a casino! Please share some other ideas with us instead. Thanks.
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