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Beach Safety & Kids

My kids love the beach. In fact, I have a four-year old who is quite likely ADD and ADHD and all the other acronym's used to describe super hyper kids...but take her to the beach and she's the perfect angel. Thankfully, we live in Hawaii so she can go to the beach all the time! While we love the beach, beach safety is extremely important to me.  I have heard enough horror stories to make me extremelely careful when at the beach with my kids. However, beach safety extends beyond making sure that no one drowns, there are lots of things to think about when going to the beach. 

First, make sure that you are visiting a beach that has a safe swimming spot for children. If you are in a new area, ask locals or read up on the different beaches you are considering. When you arrive at the beach, make sure that you adhere to all beach safety signs and don't allow your children to play in the water until you yourself have been in and tested it. What looks like calm waters may not be! 

Make sure that you have lots of sunscreen for everyone in your party, especially kids. I know a lot of tourists that come to Hawaii, only to get sun poisoning. They don't realize how strong the sun is here. It doesn't matter where you are going to the beach and it doesn't matter if it's sunny or cloudy, use sunscreen religiously. This is for your child's safety, it's also for your peace of mind.  Have you ever tried dealing with a child who has a major sunburn? It's not all! 

Make sure that you take plenty of water and snacks with you to the beach. Sure, you are surrounded by water, but none of it is drinkable. The sun, salt water, and all that playing on the beach can make you thirsty in a hurry!  Dehydrated kids aren't fun to deal with either, and it's a major safety issue. 

There is something about the beach that lulls me to sleep.  I can easily fall asleep on the beach in 10 seconds flat. Unfortunately, the laws of beach safety dictate that there shall be no sleeping on the beach when you are there with children.  I prefer to go to the beach with another responsible adult so we can take turns watching the kids and relaxing.  

Here's hoping your next trip to the beach is a safe one! 

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