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Benefits of Low VOC Paint

If you're planning to spruce up your home this spring with new paint, consider choosing low VOC paint.  I used to love the smell of new paint, unfortunately, it's caused by volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. When paint is applied to a wall, the VOCs are released as part of the drying process.  More than anything else, the contribute to poor indoor air quality and there are serious health risks associated with breathing in VOCs.  You might think that you can open windows while you paint, but the problem is that paints continue to "off-gas" VOCs for YEARS after they've been applied.

Hence, the importance of using low VOC paint. These paints have been on the market for years now, and at one point, many people thought that they weren't as high quality as traditional paint.  When they first came out, they may not have been.  However, paint manufacturers have come a long way in the production of these eco friendly options, and low VOC paint now works just as well as any other paint that you may have used in the past.  The only difference is that there are far less health risks associated with this kind of paint than traditional paints. 

The best news is that low VOC paints are available in every color imaginable, so you don't need to sacrifice style for safety.  They've also come down in price and cost roughly the same as traditional paint. 

The next time that you start a painting project around your home, ask to see low VOC options. The paint can should be clearly marked with the number of VOCs.  Anything under 50 grams a litre is considered low.  Watch for the "Green Seal" on paint cans to confirm that the item you are buying has been tested and approved as a low VOC product.  

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