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Benefits of Tea Tree Shampoo

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Have you heard of tea tree oil? It has many benefits, for adults and children. I started using tea tree shampoo a few months ago on my kids and love it!

One of the major benefits of tea tree shampoo is that head lice apparently don't like tea tree. It can be used to get rid of lice - you'll still have to get the eggs out. It's also a wonderful option for keeping lice away.

Natural tea tree shampoo is also a wonderful option for anyone who is suffering from dandruff. There was a study done that shows that tea tree oil helps to kill the bacteria and fungus on the scalp that cause dandruff in the first place. There are even some studies that claim that tea tree oil can promote new hair growth.

You can purchase tea tree shampoo at almost any store - if you can't find it at your local store, you can most certainly find it in shops that specialize in natural products. Your local salon likely carried tea tree shampoo as well. Since tea tree oil is an essential oil, you can also purchase your favorite shampoo and add 10 drops or so and make your very own tea tree shampoo.

It has a nice smell that isn't overwhelming and really works to make hair feel nice and clean. It's slightly more expensive than many of the budget shampoos on the market, but not so expensive that it's unaffordable.

If anyone in your family struggles with a dry scalp or you are concerned about your children picking up head lice, make sure to try tea tree shampoo. It's also a great natural choice for anyone concerned about the chemicals in regular shampoo.

Yeah, there's something about tea tree oil that lice just don't like, I guess! It works like magic and it's all natural.
I second the comment about lice. My youngest one got lice and I started using tea tree shampoo and conditioner for the rest of the family. None of us got infected. Once the little one was lice-free, I shampooed her with tea tree shampoo and they never came back.
I think the shampoo that I use is all-natural with no added fragrance and I actually like the smell. I guess I'm the first. :) Of course, I also like the smell of gasoline...maybe I'm just strange!
Bunny X.
Nice smell? You must be using a brand that has an added masking fragrance. I've never, ever heard anyone describe tea tree oil as pleasant-smelling. I've used it for a variety of remedies and personal care products for over a decade. The smell becomes tolerable and even familiar, but never "nice."
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