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Benjamin Moore Paint Samples

Paint samples by Benjamin Moore are a great way to test new colors in your home. They will cover a fairly large amount of wall space, about 2’ by 2’. We used it to test a color in our dining and family rooms, and we were glad we did because it would have been too dark for such a large space. I suggest painting a patch of wall close to a window in the room, so that you can see what the color will look like in natural light. That will give you a feeling for what the room will look like during the day. Then look at the patch at night, with artificial light, because the color will look different then. I also find it helpful to look at the color in conjunction with your furniture in the room, and your carpet or floor color, because you also want these colors to look good together. Unfortunately, Benjamin Moore doesn’t have paint samples for all of their colors, but they have a fairly good selection.

Dana S.
Check out the site you can view all colors across all the brands on your screen and they will sell you a pint size can in anycolor you want to test it out. Where as benjamin Moore and all the others usually only offer a small selection of jars they offer the little tester in all colors. They will also modify it for you lighter or darker by diffrent percentages at check out. They aslo have top selling lists which helps in picking out colors. anyway great topic thanks
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