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Best Disney Autograph Book

If you've ever been to Disney before, you know that part of the fun for kids (and some adults) is collecting autographs of all the characters while at the different parks. We've purchased the "official" autograph books before, but they typically feature Mickey, and my kids don't really care for Mickey that much. Plus, they're about $10 or so. 

You can order a wide variety of them online, and some of them are cute and work really well.  

All that said, the best Disney autograph book out there is the one you can make yourself. You can personalize the front cover and then make different pages for each character. Once you are done, you can take it to your local Office Max or print shop, and have them bind it. They can also provide you with a clear plastic front page. 

Present it to your child before arriving at Disney World and watch their face light up as they see that their autograph book has been personalized just for them.  

For full directions, with photos, visit this site.  The author of this cool craft also suggest adding some pages with black & white photographs of the characters so kids can color them while waiting for dinner or hanging out in the hotel room.  What a great idea! 

I'm not typically a craft person, but I think this makes a much more memorable keepsake than buying a Disney autograph, plus kids will love that their name is on the front of the book! 

That sounds like a great idea too! I'll have to stop at a Dollar Tree and see if I can find them. You can't beat $1!!!
Having returned from a Disney Vacation with a 5 yr and 7 yr old, we found that Dollar Tree (dollar stores) had photo albums that held 4X6 size pictures that had a 1 inch border at the bottom for captions. I decorated the photo albums according to my child's preferences (tinkerbell and pirates). The autographs were then written on the captions area, and at home I paired with pictures of the characters and my children getting the signatures. I had several comments about how great the books were. They are true heirlooms.
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