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Best Frozen "Dinner" Ever

I'm sure there's not a single mom out there who hasn't opened a prepared frozen meal with high hopes, only to see a teeny, tiny unappetizing morsel inside, and hopes are dashed. Well, I have stumbled upon a Lean Cuisine entree that really, truly, honest to goodness tastes like restaurant take-out. Try the Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli. It is chock full of crunchy, fresh-tasting vegetables and a creamy sauce, but the ravioli are stuffed with nutty, wonderful butternut squash. There is some seasoning in there I can't identify, but I think it's addictive! This stuff is amazing, you have to try it. Ulterior motive: if you all buy it, they might not stop making it, and I will still be able to get it for a long time.

Marcella E.
I agree that it is very good. The only thing I've noticed is that because it does not have much protein in it, it is best if you have some additional protein (chicken) with it. Then not only are you balanced nutritionally, but you won't get hungry later.
Ooh! I am psyched to try this! It sounds really good and I know what you mean about finding something awesome and then having the manufacturers discontinue it! :) It happens to me all the time. I'll go buy a bunch.
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