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Birthday Gifts - Always Have Them on Hand

After spending $50 yesterday on birthday gifts that should have cost $15 - $20, I've come to the conclusion that my mom was right again!

See, she used to have a closet full of birthday gifts for kids and adults of all ages.  She'd pick things up on sale whenever she saw a good deal so she'd always have something for last minute parties and other events.  I thought she was a little strange, but I am reformed.  

She always told me that she saved a lot of money by buying things in advance when they were on sale and then keeping them for when she needed them.  After spending all that money yesterday because I had to go to a specialty store and didn't have time to look for a good deal, I've realized that she's right and I'm starting a birthday gift closet of my very own.  I hate it when she's right! 

If you are constantly buying gifts at the last minute, you know how they can break your monthly budget in a hurry.  It's a great idea to have a space in your home where you can keep things that you find on sale. That way you always have something ready to go and aren't running around at the last minute. Add some wrapping paper, gift bags, tape, and cards to your birthday gift closet and you'll be ready for any last minute invitation with everything you need.  

I'm pretty sure that my mom is a lot less stressed than I am because she's always prepared! 

LOL, I'm glad it helped you! I bet you save a lot of money, he just doesn't realize it!!
Kara S.
I showed this to my husband, because he always thought I was nuts since I do this all the time.
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