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Birthday Party At Danvers Home Depot

My now four year old son Zac loves tools and I was trying to come up with something new and different to do for his birthday. 

I decided to give Home Depot a call and see if they would host a birthday party.  I called three different Home Depots in our area and none of them would do it.  I finally got a hold of Paul at the Danvers Home Depot (the one in back of Liberty Tree Mall) and they agreed to host it.  It was so much fun!!!!  They treated it as a childrens workshop like the ones they have on the first Saturday of every month.  I decorated the room and brought cake and ice cream.  The only down side was that we could not have a lit candle do to fire hazards...we improvised, and just pretended it was lit.  They provided every child with a bird house (the theme of the month) an apron, a certificate of completion, and a pin to put on there apron.  Lisa was the host and she was GREAT!  We had almost 30 kids and she handled them all perfectly.  The best part of it all was in these economic hard was FREE!!!  I only paid for the cake and ice cream. 

I highly recomend Home Depot for a party if your child is a tool lover!!!

Sarah Y.
I love this idea, but the stores near me don't know what I'm talking about! Did you have to do any convincing?
Jen H.
What a great idea!
Theresa S.
We actually attended the party & it was a blast!
Lisa W.
Love this idea!! Thanks for the post!
Lisa C.
That sounds good but 30 kids is insane.
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