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Black Balloons - Eye-Opening Visual on Energy...

We all know that we use a lot of energy.  Sometimes it's hard to grasp how much it affects our environment.  This is an incredible video designed by the Alliance For Climate Change. This short really captures what our individual households are contributing to the climate crisis in terms of the energy we expend each day. I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. Just copy and paste the link below if it doesn't link up.

Walk around your house today and check to see if anything is "on" that needn't be.  Sometimes I go upstairs and every light is on because the kids were up there.  So I turn them off.  Every little bit helps I'd think.
- Try to turn off the lights when they aren't necessary. 
- Put your computer in standby when not in use.
- Some folks suggest unplugging items that aren't being used.

Lastly, on the video, all I could think of was "I hope those black balloons are biodegradable......"

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