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Bloggers - Let's Share Blogs

Seems everybody from moms to corporate executives is blogging about everything from what shoes to buy to the latest gadgets available. 

But what's the point in writing a blog if nobody reads it?

That's the question posted by this writer and blogger. With a quest to locate – and connect with – other bloggers, this writer suggests sharing blogs. Citing both Blogger and wordpress as examples of blogging stations where bloggers gather "followers," the writer of this article asks you to consider writing your own blog and requests your presence at her blogs. In other words, share your blog with her, and she will read it (the "link" button isn't working – perhaps FamilyZip isn't set up to accept links from Mac users, so please copy and paste these web sites into your browser to find two of her blogs: and

She also tells you how you can make money by posting blogs. While blogging won't make you independently wealthy, at least not at first, it can, if it garners enough attention, contribute to your overall financial state and may, if you blog about subjects that other people want to read, allow you to some day quit your day job to stay home and blog.  

If you blog, if you've considered blogging, or if you're looking for a "blog buddy," read, "BLOGGERS - Let's Share Blogs."

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