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Book: "I'm Doing The Best I Can" (They won't always...

Lisa, a parent herself, shares her thoughts about “the messages” that seem to work in one instance, and yet don’t in another.

We need to be accountable when our children get so angry and lash out against us. With some positive communication and boundary settings, we will be able to slow that anger process down.

Start when they are young and set boundaries, communicate and definitely don’t give in at the drop of a hat. Just remember if you continue to back down and not keep your word, you will not be respected! When we stay positive, focused and realize that our family is “under construction,” then we have no alternative but to reach our goal and have HOPE to pull our family back together!

We are all in this together and whether it be my story or yours, we all need each other.

This book is not to criticize or make anyone feel guilty, it is to empower us, as parents or grandparents, and help us regain our passion to have that wonderful, healthy family… and that’s all we are striving for.

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