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Boredom Busters for Kids

Are your kids driving you crazy because they are bored?  Here are some tricks to keep up your sleeve for days that call for a little extra fun and something new!

Create a Boredom Box:

Have your kids sit down at the table and if they are old enough to write, have them write some things down on a slip of paper that they like to do such as read books, put puzzles together, play board games, etc.  If your child is a little younger, ask him for suggestions for you to write down for him.  You may also want to add some ideas of your own that you know they enjoy doing.  When they are finished, put the slips of paper into a shoe box and put it away until a day arises when she starts complaining that she is bored.  If she is looking for something to do and cannot come-up with anything, suggest that she get out her "Boredom Buster" box and look through the suggestions in the box for some ideas of what to do!

Arts and Crafts Bin:

Make-up a bin of art supplies that includes all kinds of different papers, crayons, markers, glue, stickers, scissors and magazines.  Store it somewhere that your child cannot easily get into and save it for a boredom day.  This will give her something to look forward to if she loves to color, draw, and create things!

Rotate Toys:

If your house is flooded with toys that just get pushed aside, start to collect some of them and hide the ones that are not being played with right now.  Your children will forget all about them and then you will have these toys for back-up when he they begin to whine that there is nothing to do and they are bored.  They will be so excited when you pull these forgotten toys and games out — it will seem like they just received them as a gift!  This is also a good idea after holidays and birthdays when your kids tend to get a lot of toys from family and friends.  These events are overwhelming and your child will more than likely not even know just how much she truly got. If this is the case, discreetly hide some of the things that she seems less interested in at the moment, then pull them out later once she is sick of playing with the things that were once her favorites!

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