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Boston, MA

Looking for Fun things to do in Boston? Our friends at BostonCentral have been providing a great online resource for finding fun Boston kids events and activities in the Greater Boston Area since 2001.

We recommend signing up for their free weekly newsletter, You'll receive it via email once a week and it highlights great family events all around the Boston area. It's how we plan all of our family our adventures.

They also feature a great daily event calendar where you can search for things to do with kids in Boston by age, town, region, and category. So rain, snow, sleet or sun, you'll be able to entertain your family with a little help from your friends at BostonCentral.

You'll also find cool links to family friendly shopping around Boston, info on towns, schools, name it. And they say Boston isn't organized......

Join their VIP Facebook Group for a chance to win tickets to Boston area shows and venues.

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This web site has places and events to go and visit this week.It runs weekly so you don't know what fun thing to do you'll see next week.
I love this website for the Boston area. The thing I really like most about it is that it has a ton of useful information and covers broad set of topics, but it is all designed from a parent-friendly and kid-friendly perspective. It's almost like a Boston CitySearch but totally from a kid-friendly viewpoint.
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