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Bringing Alcohol on Disney Cruises is Allowed

We just got back from a Disney Cruise.  It was a 3 night 4 day cruise.  While preparing for the cruise I did most of the forms online, but occasionally I had to call & speak to a rep.

I had looked through the FAQ section & found a little blurb stating that you COULD indeed bring your own alcohol on the ship.  Anything ranging from booze & wine to a 24 pack of beer.  I obviously was a little weary it being a Disney Cruise, catering to family & children.  But I called not once, but 3 different times to make sure it actually was okay to do this.   So instead of paying $5.50 or more for a drink we brought our own.

Now I know some of you are thinking, why bring booze on a Disney Cruise.  Well, if you have to ask....

Anyway, when we got to the security section of the Cruise Ship there was a sign stating that no weapons or alcohol were allowed.  Our group was a little nervous considering our beer was very tough to hide.  But once we got to security, the man said "put in on the conveyor belt" and that was it.  We got more comments from people asking "how we got it on"?  Everyone was shocked (as I was at first) that you could bring your own alcohol onto a Disney cruise.  But let me tell you something else, they all wanted to know what state room we were staying in (we kept that info to ourselves).  So whether you are a big drinker or you just like to have a glass of wine of a cape codder once or twice a day.  The extra effort is well worth the money you will save.  The only thing is you CANNOT check it in your luggage.  You MUST carry it on with you.  We had a great time.  I hope this is useful. 

Tracy J.
I would think booze would be a necessity on a Disney Cruise! Good to know, thanks...
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