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Bubble Bath Warning

Yes, we all LOVE a comforting bubble bath and kids LOVE them too- and I was the first to buy my daughters pink bubble bath.  What I didn't know is that bubble baths can harm the tender privates of your child and must be used sparingly if at all. 
My youngest daughter (age 4 at the time) had a terrible UTI from September 2006 until she was taken as an emergency patient to Children's Floating Hospital in Boston at the beginning of November.  She would pee every 15 minutes or more and had the urge to go ALL the time.  She was put on 4 antibiotics until the final medication Cipro was introduced (which knocked it out).  This journey is very difficult to discuss as we have no idea how this all started but I believe it may have been some NOVALTY confetti bathsoap with glitter that irritated her so badly and perhaps not wiping properly at school ( she was potty trained early at 2 years). 
 I just want to highlight what the Chief Urologist suggested to me and I wanted to pass these valuable tips your way - perhaps other readers can add to my little list as I am sure I'm missing some.
1 - Teach your daughters HOW to wipe.  This sounds wierd, I know, but it should ALWAYS be from the FRONT to the back. 
2 - If your child has robust legs...( we are good German stock!) ask your girls to keep their legs wide open when they pee - they suggested my daughter pee BACKWARDS on the toilet and this has helped no urine will find a way to go back inside.  (This is the crucial one the doctor explained)
3 - Clear fancy stuff in that tub.  I will finish her bath with a final cleansing with an organic non-soapy cleanser.
4 - If your child potty trains early they may miss significant steps in the process...TEACH them proper wiping techniques. 
5 - Avoid any Confetti bath soap that may have glitter in it.
If you notice frequent urination and urgency...increase their Vitamin C as bacteria can't cling to it in their tummy as well as Cranberry Juice.

Thank you for this great tip!
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