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Budget Family Vacation - Consider Camping

If you are worried about how you'll be able to afford to go on a family vacation this summer, consider camping for a great budget family vacation.

Even if you've never camped before, it can be a lot of fun and it's affordable on just about any budget. If you are adventerous, you can purcahse a tent and the other things that you'll need. You can also rent an RV or camper if tenting isn't your thing.  

The year after my husband and I split up, I didn't have the money to take my kids on a family vacation and I felt quite bad about it because we'd always made a big deal about going on vacations together.  I wanted to do something, so I borrowed all the camping gear I needed from my parents and we went to a campground for a long weekend.  My kids loved it and I was surprised to find that I did too!!  It really was a great budget family vacation that was a lot of fun.  

I'm able to afford more elaborate vacations now, but we still go camping for at least two long weekends in the summer, just because we have such a great time.  Many campgrounds that want to attract families will have special events - we've been to Christmas in July weekends, murder mystery weekends, and much more.  My kids especially like the Yogi Bear campgrounds because there is always something for them to do.  

If you are searching for a budget family vacation idea for this summer - consider camping. You might be surprised at how much you find yourself enjoying it.  

Angela S.
We love to camp as well and find renting a camper in michigan for a week for $240 is a great way to enjoy a camping trip with our family every summer , We rent it 2-3 times a summer and we camp in comfort and enjoy the michigan outdoors!
Lana P.
My family and I camp multiple times each year. We especially like the state campgrounds where the rates are reasonable and there's planned activities and entertainment. Last year, we camped at a Kentucky park during Pioneer Week. There was a Pioneer encampment where people camped and lived as they would have in the early days of America. We saw many demonstrations, tools, and listened to talks about life then. (I will never forget throwing an atalatal.) There was also a Native American encampment where we actually got to see a deer skin tanned as it would have been long ago. What a learning experience for adults and kids!
Tracey W.
We camp all the time, I find that even camp grounds without all the frills, like Bear Brook and Dolly Copp State Parks in NH. You find fun in the great outdoors, without the programs to entertain the children, they have to find the own. They also both accept pets, which is a bonus to us.
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