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Burping Your Baby

When I first had my twins, I used to have the hardest time burping them, it was next to impossible. They were very collicky, and would fuss around until I would cave and give them back their bottle. Then after they were finished I would FINALLY get a burp out of them and half of their bottle ended up all down my shirt.

I talked to a few mothers, and have perfected the art of the burp. There's the usual patting their butt while they're on your shoulder, bouncing them on your leg, laying them accross your lap...but have you tried spinning them? I found something that works 9 out of 10 times for my babies. Put them on your lap facing you, if they're still too young to support their own heads hold them along their jawbone, and spin their upper-bodies in a circle making sure their legs don't move. It may take a little while, don't give up after 10 seconds. This works wonders! E-mail me with any questions.

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