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Butterfly House Allows Children to Watch from...

Perfect for kids that are homeschooled, love science or butterflies, or just like to do hands-on activities, the butterfly house is a great choice!

My kids are constantly chasing buterflies around outside in the summer months. When I was looking for a net and some type of butterfly house where they could keep their treasures while they inspected them, I came across a butterfly garden that will actually let kids "raise" their own butterflies from larvae to gorgeous butterfly.  

When you purchase the kit, you also get a certificate for the larvae and the food. You've got to send off for it and wait a few weeks before you receive it. They send six larvae. The kit also comes with full instructions and everything else you need to complete the project.  

The coolest thing is that once your first set of butterflies have hatched, they'll start to lay larvae almost immediately. This means that you can grow generation after generation of butterflies. 

The butterfly house itself has mesh sides so your children can easily see through it to watch the entire process. When you aren't in the process of actually watching the metamorphis process in action, the entire thing collapses for easy storage.

I haven't found many toys lately that I've beed overly impressed with, but this is extremely cool. We can't wait to see our butterflies hatch and I love that it's teaching my kids something at the same time. They are actually enjoying learning about science and about the type of butterflies that we are raising.  

The Live Butterfly Garden is great for all kids - starting at about age 3 or so. In fact, I love mine so much that I bought one for my daughter's class so that all the kids can watch this cool process.  Great gift for a teacher! 

Kelly F.
If you're ever up for a great day trip, Magic Wings in Deerfield, MA is a fun destination for all ages. My twins are 12 and weren't thrilled about the prospect of the trip as we set out, but ended up really enjoying themselves. Magic Wings is a butterfly museum, a butterfly garden and a small plant nursery as well. There's a picnic area if you'd like to bring your own food, or there's a counter-service restaurant on the premises as well. In their gift shop, larvae can be purchased at fairly reasonable prices and brought home to hatch. The nice part about Deerfield is that it's full of museums, many of them hands-on, which children always seem to appreciate!
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