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If you're family is like mine, you can never find a marking pen, bic pen, scissors, scotch tape, flashlight, hair brush, and on and on, because the kids have "borrowed" it and then forgotten to put it back. I used to yell and get angry like my mother did, but then I realized all the negative energy was too "expensive". I went to the dollar store and bought way, way more of these items than I will ever need, and I spread them around the house. Yes, I had to spend money, but it was "cheaper" than all the arguing we used to have. Now, even if all three kids have taken a pair of scissors and left them in their bedrooms, I still have a pair in my desk drawer and one in the kitchen. Everyone's happy.  The same thing works with housekeys if you or your spouse are constantly losing yours and it causes stress. Just don't put your address on them!

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