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Buying Ahead is Really the Smart Thing to Do and...

I was at Target or Tarjay as my friends and I call it, and I was simply there for cat litter and to peruse the dollar bin. Now if you have read my other posts, I am not a "thrifty" shopper per se, but I always snag cute party favors or stocking stuffers or even add ons to big gifts. I digress, I picked up my daughter 2 headbands that were metallic with hearts and they were a dollar a piece-good deal. Then we had to head to the toy dept. to say hello to Woody and Buzz. Then I am looking on the shelves and seeing stickers on all of these fabulous, still in style toys!

I got my daughter this "Little Einstein" composer, where you slide the instruments up and down on this board and help Beethoven or Bach "compose' the song. It was originally 20.00 and I got it for 4.98. Then I saw these ribbons with handles like gymnasts twirl and they were 8.00 and they were marked down to 1.78!  I picked up 3. One for my daughter and 2 for two friends of hers who have birthdays coming up and they can be add on gifts to the larger items, or I can use them as part of party favors for my daughter's December birthday. And, they are well made so that they won't fall apart after a week so they do not look cheap. Then I saw this National Geographic paper recycler, where you put scraps of paper into this apparatus and you are able to use it to make more paper. It is so what my Godchild would be into and I got it for her for Christmas!  It was 17 something originally and I kid you not it was 2.48! The same Godchild has a birthday in September and I got her a bday tiara, clip on earrings, a bday sash and wand from 8 dollars down to 2!  So, I made my daughter happy and covered my Godchild's bday and some of her Christmas!

I was so happy with these purchases because A-they were cheap, B-they were all creative, non-run of the mill toys and C-I am prepared for future events and D-it saved multiple trips to the store and the stress of having to buy so many gifts all at once. I have never been a buy early in the year for Christmas kinda girl, but this last year I have been blessed with finding deals on nice things and have taken advantage of those opportunities. It has made a difference in my wallet, my stress level and all we do now most of the time is just buy a card for the person and we are done. I don't suggest buying 20 things because they are cheap and sticking them in a closet and when an ocassion comes up just give it to whomever. I had a friend who did that and boy was it obvious. I buy things and even though they are mega marked down sometimes, sometimes they are super expensive, but I always think of that person especially. No matter how good of a deal it is, please keep in mind if it will work for people in your life. Think about that person and what makes them happy. That tip is more valuable than saving money, thought and heart into it mean more than the price tag any day in my book.

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