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Buying second hand

When I was expecting my first child money was a bit tight so I tried to save money by buying baby gear and toys second hand. For those of you unfamiliar with Craigslist, you have to give it a look! You can buy baby bouncers, strollers (exceptional deals here) and toys galore from other people looking to unload. Think of it as an online community where you can email sellers and bargain for what you want.

Recently I just purchased my daughters first "big girl" bed with dresser for only $125 and they were nice enough to deliver it!

A tip though, never meet anyone alone and always let someone know where you are going. I've bought great toys and furniture for both myself and for my girls this way but I always went with my husband or met up somewhere in a public place.

Lorraine V.
I too am a craigslist junkie!! I have been using the site for a while! I have bought things from there, sold thing on there, and gave things away to those in need!! I have to say, some of the people on craigslist are awesome! I have been through a rough time in the last six months. I had lost my job 8 months ago, had trouble finding another but my hubby was working so we were getting by. Well, he got laid off! We could not find jobs! We lost our home, and our cars! We moved 3 states away and stayed with family to start over. We got jobs and a place to live but had no furniture as we sold it all (on craigslist!) when we moved. I have been given so many FREE items it is amazing! All my dishes, a bed, 2 tv's, a sofa and a puppy! lol Craigslist is awesome. Yall should try FreeCycle too!
Craig's list is one of my favorite sites. I bought a glider and ottoman (name brand) for only 50.00! Last week, we bought an all wood dresser with 5 drawers for 15.00. I am a craig's list junkie.
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