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Candeloo - the cool nightlight for kids

Candeloo makes these colorful nightlights for kids.  I'm often in the market for interesting, practical items that are unique and fun - especially for kids that don't want a baby nightlight...they want something "cool", well here it is from the website:

  • Rechargeable lamps light up when lifted off charger
  • Kids can carry these portable lights to the bathroom at night
  • Gives up to 8 hours of light
  • " If your child is afraid of the dark, these bright little friends could be just what's needed for nighttime comfort. The Candeloo Rechargeable Nightlights are a cute pair of rechargeable lights that glow in two brightness modes, all night long. Intelligent circuitry makes the lights turn on when lifted from the charging base, and they start to recharge as soon as they're put back, so they're always ready and easy to grab in the middle of the night."

    This works for me - ordering a pair now -  but oh, what colors do I choose?!

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