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Cars Roll Uphill at Spook Hill

If you live in Central Florida then this is a super fun road trip since a: it's free (which offsets the price of gas); b: it's educational; & c: it is a rather amazing optical illusion. You park your car at the bottom and it rolls up the hill. At least it seems to. There's a lot of great folklore about it being caused by a huge magnetic meteoric rock that hit there millions of years ago, or that it's a sacred American Indian site formerly used for religious cermonies. For the educational aspect, take along a carpenter's level and try to figure out what's really happening. It's near Lake Wales which is actually quite a lovely town that still has old Florida charm. You want to go to the Spook Hill Elementary School and just ahead you'll see the hill. There are signs there explaining the history and how to park your car. Have fun!

I once saw a program on this, but missed the actual location. This is a great tip and hope to see this cool place someday!
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