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Therapro offers innovative products for occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, educators, and parents. Let them help you with supplies designed to:

  • Provide teaching strategies for special needs teachers and parents
  • Develop and enhance childrens perceptual, cognitive and motor skills
  • Help therapists and teachers learn how to develop and improve fine motor skills in children with special challenges
  • Allow therapists, teachers and parents to customize design activities for developmental delays
  • Encourage the development of communication and necessary life skills

Therapro's goal is to provide unique speech and occupational therapy supplies that help to revolutionize the way occupational therapists, educators, and parents provide preventive, developmental, and rehabilitative care. With the right tools, developing gross motor skills, fine motor skills and communication skills is less frustrating for the patient. Therapro has assembled a collection of occupational therapy products that simplify teaching and learning, resulting in a better outcome in a shorter period of time.

And for the Classroom...

Therapro hasn't forgotten educators. They offer special education teacher resources, and occupational therapy products designed for use in the preschool or grade school classroom. Choose the children's special needs equipment that addresses the specific deficiencies present in your classroom. From teaching children how to develop and improve fine motor skills to providing support for the hearing impaired student, Therapro is at your side with the products and supplies that special education teachers need everyday.

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