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Charitable Donations on Vacation

On vacation to Mexico we did a little something to give back to the local community which was easy to do, but very much needed and gratefully received.  We took an extra suitcase filled with clothes and toys which we no longer need and donated them to a local charity.  A quick look on google and a few e-mails before we left connected us with a charity who could distribute the items, and a local person from the charity gladly came to our hotel and collected the items from us. 

It was easy to do and great to be able to get these items to a population which really needs them.  Many of these communities have large proportions of their population living far below the poverty level with very little government support.  We enjoy luxurious resorts while they live in poverty.  This is a simple way we can give a little back and make a difference.  It also helped show our own children how important it is to help and share with others, and to appreciate how much we have. 

It is easy to do and worthwhile in so many ways, I hope this posting will encourage others to give it a try!

On a similar note, our friends while visiting Cuba took various personal care items such as soap, toothpaste, hair accessories, baby clothes etc. and left something each day for the house cleaning and other staff at the resort.  Again these items are needed and often not available even to those who have the money.  They met one lady with two teenage sons who had to somehow manage on the one bar of soap allocated to her family each month! 

Again so easy to do, minimal cost to us, and well worthwhile in so many ways.

I am sure others out there have creative ideas to share on this topic, I know I would love to hear them!

Some websites we found helpful were:  and and we found our contact by e-mailing (in Cancun) but there are many many more, if you simply google 'non profits' or 'charitable donations' or something similar along with the name of a town near to your vacation destination you should find plenty.  Have a great vacation!

Carol M.
Great idea; hopefully the donations are being channeled in the right direction! Carol M
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