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Cheap Rental Car - Get the Best Deal

I used to travel for work a lot and even though my company was footing the bill, I was always looking for a cheap rental car. It must be my love for a great deal. After searching every rental car companies website, booking total trips using Expedia and/or Travelocity, and becoming a member of a lot of loyalty reward programs, I found that almost every time I needed a car when traveling, the chepest way to get it was be using Priceline.

You can get a very cheap rental car online by just going to Pricline and bidding.  It's a pretty simple process.  Once you are on their website, enter your dates and location to see what the going rate for cars is.  Once you have that information, simply click the link that allows you to bid for a car.  

You'll be asked to choose a car class and total price that you want to pay - the total price DOES NOT include taxes and surcharges. Consider the daily rate you saw on the last page and then choose the price that you would like to bid. You'll have to enter your billing information and your credit card number - if your bid is accepted you'll be charged right away.  So - make sure that you are positive about the dates that you'll be needing your car before you complete this form and submit your bid.

When I use this service to get a cheap rental car, I will usually bid 55 - 60% of the price that was listed on the page showing the daily prices. My bids are usually accpepted, and I have never found a cheaper alternative after placing my bid. 

Hopefully this will help you to get a great deal the next time you need a car rental.  

Sha G.
How do you get any deals on one-way car rentals?
This is a great point. I always bid on the smallest car and then when I get there they are almost always out and end up having to upgrade me for free!!
Kathi T.
I love Priceline and have always found them to be the cheapest as well. If you don't get the price you want right away wait a few days and try again. Usually the closer you get to the date you need the car the lower the price goes. Also, when you go to pick up your economy car they may try to talk you into something larger...usually that means they don't have the economy car. If you agree to it you will pay more. But if you decline to upgrade they will give it to you anyway without charging you for it!
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