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Cheap Soap

You're going to think I'm nuts for sharing this, but try it.  I used to work in a factory that was air conditioned except for one room.  That room got hot.  A friend who worked in there smelled good all day so I asked him what kind of soap he used.  He told me  he showeredwith dishwashing detergent.  I started thinking about and I tried it.   It's great.  It comes in all sorts of scents and types and it's cheaper.  It's also better for the environment.   It's long lasting as well.  Try it and you'll be hooked.  It's safe enough for dishes so it's safe enough for you.

Laurie H.
Just regular, ordinary hand washing dish detergent, like joy or dawn or palmolive. they come in all sorts of scents and types and when they are on sale i stock up. sunlight is good as well. pick your favorite. i get whatever is on sale. i just bought some generic stuff. it's labeled as being for dishes and hand washing. i love the grapefruit and orange scents. sorry it took me a while to answer. my computer was not cooperating.
Do you mean dish soap, or the kind you add to your dishwasher? This is interesting to me because we live where it's really hot and it's hard to stay smelling good! :)
Laurie H.
No it doesn't. some of them have moisturizers already added. palmolive is good and ones that have aloe are good also.
Laurie--does it dry out your skin? That's what I always believed, but if not, great tip!
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