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Cheaper Way in to Cool Kahuna Laguna

Kahuna Laguna is the Red Jacket's new indoor water park. It really is amazing. It is just a bit smaller than Coco Key Water Park in Danvers and very similar. They key to Kahuna Laguna is that you have to stay at a Red Jacket resort to be able to use the Kahuna Laguna waterpark. But this can be a good thing. We just went in the middle of June and in the middle of the day on a Saturday, we had the entire waterpark to ourselves! We ended up visiting Story Land in the morning, then leaving at lunchtime and spending a few hours at Kahuna Laguna in the middle of the day, then went back to Story Land. It was fabulous! The key is that you do not have to stay at the Red Jacket, you can also stay at the Fox Ridge Resort and still buy tickets to Kahuna Laguna. Fox Ridge is a bit less expensive than the Red Jacket and has more room to run around outside for the kids. Right now, Kahuna Laguna packages at Fox Ridge start at $189 per night (midweek, garden views) and at the Red Jacket, they start at $239. If you stay at the Fox Ridge, you do need to drive over to the waterpark, but we found that it wasn't a big deal. The other waterpark in North Conway is in the Hampton Inn, and it is great, but much smaller than Kahuna Laguna....

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There is a shuttle from Fox Ridge to Kahuna Laguna.
Wow, I have contemplated reservations at Red Jacket ( a 2 night min. gets me anxious) I better go with the much cheaper Fox Ridge! Thank you!!
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