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Check AAA Discounts Before Using

When is a discount not a discount?

I recently went to Niagara Falls, Canada and stayed at a Marriott Courtyard.  When I checked availability online, the room rate included breakfast.  I then entered my AAA number for the AAA discount and the room rate went down by about $9 per night for 3 nights so I booked it. 

The morning after we arrived I found out that, because I took the AAA rate, I lost the free breakfast buffet.  Breakfast for 2 adults and 1 child was $32.  So... by saving $9 x 3 = $27, it would cost me $32x3 or $96 in breakfast if I were to eat there every morning!  I went to the front desk and wanted to remove my AAA rate so we could get breakfast included.  The desk clerk said sorry I couldn't do that.  Then a manager overheard us and jumped in.  He told me that they couldn't do that, and that the rates had gone up since I booked it.  However,  he gave us vouchers for breakfast for the remaining two mornings, but my $27 savings still cost me $32 on day one.  All amounts are in Canadian Dollars.

Food, in general, is very expensive and the exchange rate was about 1.05 Canadian to $1.00 US so it was almost even.

So check everything about your discount before you use it because it may not actually be a savings to you and if you get caught like this, ask to speak to a manager!

King N.
I've found that in general, travel discounts from AAA are not really that good You can get much better deals by searching on the Internet.
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