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Children Learn Making Aircraft Models: From Paper...

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Toddlers love playing with paper airplanes. It gives them a different kind of feeling as if they’re flying in the air. As they grow older, kids prefer newer challenges that would entail the use of their imagination and better judgment. For their part, parents should motivate the kids to pursue beneficial hobbies such as making aircraft models during their leisure time.

Fruitful Hobby for Youngsters

Aside from being an enlightening pursuit, building airplane models helps draw out the hidden talents of children. If your child shows interest in this hobby, you can buy a kit and guide the youngster in building his or her own model. Besides, the entire family can take part in building the replica and have fun in doing so. To begin with, choose a low-priced model kit to keep your kid focused on this activity on a weekend. Who knows, this may even arouse the young one’s love for flying.

Building aircraft models has become a favorite diversion among many children. It doesn’t only bring satisfaction and happiness but also the test of creating their own masterwork. The truth is this type of leisure pursuit enriches the creativity of youngsters particularly in the field of design, architecture and craftsmanship. Children also experience a certain level of accomplishment after successfully assembling their model airplanes. Hence, this becomes a significant milestone or testimonial for the rest of their lives.

Paper Planes, Plastic Models

Young boys are thrilled to play with paper planes especially on a cool and windy day. As they grow older, their imagination widens and curiosity encourages them to learn more about the hobby of crafting aircraft models. For plastic replicas, here are some simple pointers for young builders:1. For beginners, commercial plane models are less complicated compared to military aircraft with complex gun turrets and equipment. 2. Scale and dimensions are essential in choosing the airplane models. Start with a small unit before moving on to bigger replicas.3. Make sure to check out the scale and level thoroughly the plastic model kits. Ideally, neophytes should get underway at the 1:72 scale and possibly equal to starter 2nd level.

Actual Model Making

You need a cutting board and a hobby knife or scalpel with a sharp edge. Buy some sandpaper for smoothing the plastic’s rough edges. Pick a few brushes and acrylic or enamel paint since the models will look better if these are properly painted. You’ll get excellent results if you mix the paints before using them. See to it the kids have lots of space in their working area.

Wooden Prototypes

You need to layout the parts on a flat modeling board. The wooden (balsa) parts must be securely fastened with pins until the glue hardens. Your board should be soft enough so the children can easily push the pins into the airplane’s components. Insulating form or an even steel sheet about two to three-inch-thick make a perfect modeling board. In this case, opt for rare earth magnets in holding the parts in place rather than pins.

There’s a wide selection of adhesives for creating airplane models. The type of glue will depend on the kind of wood (hardness) and the builder’s choice. White glue for wood PVA or Polyvinyl Acetate and aliphatic or ‘carpenter’s glue’ and cyanoacrylate (CA) fast-acting adhesive is commonly used on balsa joints. On the other hand, (two-part) epoxy resin is meant for stronger joints like the landing gear plates and engine partitions.

After building the plane parts which include tail, fuselage and wings, sand the wood specifically the linkages to a smooth texture. You should fill holes and gaps with lightweight plaster or putty before sanding into shape. This could be the most difficult task but lumps, hollows and imperfections will appear and mess up an otherwise nice appearance. Your child must wear a protective mask because dust, which is bad for your health, can easily be inhaled.

Once the building and sanding are finished, cover the parts with a heat-sensitive covering film using a piece of iron as an applicator. The heat dissolves the adhesive support which bonds the film over the airplane’s parts. Follow instructions carefully to avoid any errors,

Mastering the Craft

It will take some time before your child perfects this hobby of custom aircraft models. You, as parents, need to assist and give them words of encouragement especially if the going gets rough. Your kids will learn in due time and eventually master the fundamental principles.

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