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Children's Journal Jar

I am trying to encourage my sons to write. I like them to keep a notebook with with their thoughts because I find it really does help express themselves and keeps the creativity going. However lately there has been more of doodling Spongebob and Pokemon than actual writing.  I figure I need to give them some ideas to write about in a journal jar.

A journal jar is a place where you can put slips of paper with simple questions on them. Then each night you can just pull out a slip of paper with a question from your jounal jar and and answer it in your journal. You can make a journal jar using pint jars, with Modpodged fabric on the front and a paper label that said "My Journal Jar" on top of the fabric.

Each night the boys will take out one slip of paper that will be a journal prompt

Whats is my favorite animal?

What are some of my jobs at home?

What does my bedroom look like? Do I share a room? Am I comfortable in my room? What do I like best about my room?

If you want preprinted journal prompts

Children's journal jar prompts

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