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Choose Organic Cotton Clothing

If your kids are anything like mine, they love cotton clothing. Unfortunately, I recently realized that regular cotton is terrible for the environment, and it might not be that great for my kids either. Enter organic cotton clothing, which I'm more attracted to the more I learn about it.

Let me start at the beginning though...I'm trying really hard to be an eco friendly mom. As part of me eco-friendliness, I was researching cotton the other day and realized that cotton crops use more pesticides than any other crop in the world. Even worse, I learned that 7 of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton are known human carcinogens. Since I'm trying to have a more global view, that immediately bothered me, because I don't imagine that those chemicals floating around can be good for those who work in cotton fields or the people who live close by.

Well, I started thinking, and reading, some more and realized that all those pesticides aren't really good for the end-user of the products either - that would be me, you, our kids...

You see, all of those pesticides that are sprayed on the crops don't necessarily disappear when the cotton is made into a shirt that we buy and put on our child. There's not a lot of evidence that it causes health problems; there's no evidence that it's good for us either.

Then I learned about organic cotton clothing. Farmers that grow organic cotton don't use any pesticides on their crop - good for the environment, good for the people who live and work near cotton crops, and good for the end users - me and you! Farmers that grow organic cotton also work to reduce soil erosion and nutrient depletion, which is good for the environment.

The best news is that organic cotton clothing is not significantly more expensive than any other clothing. Look for the "100% Organic" label on clothing that you purchase for yourself and your kids. If the price seems a little higher, watch for sales to get a great deal. Stores like WalMart haven't really caught on yet, but small locally-owned stores are catching on and organic cotton is available all over the internet.

For additional green and eco-friendly green tips visit my blog at lilgreendress.

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