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Choosing a Homeschooling Curriculum

When I was growing up, home schooling wasn't that popular. There were some families that home schooled their kids, but for the most part, homeschooling was limited to the ultra-conservative.

Today, in my little town of 5,000 people, there are about 200 kids being home schooled.  I suspect that it has something to do with the state of our schooling system, whatever it is, lots of families have decided to take their children home to teach them. 

If you are considering teaching your children at home, you've got to decide on a homeschooling curriculum. There are enough different programs out there to make your head spin. If you are confused, you aren't alone.  

I wouldn't presume to tell you what program to choose, I will give you a few tips as you look at everything that's available. 

  • Take the time to look at everything that's available. Talk to people who homeschool to see what curriculum has been working for them.
  • If you live in an area where they have homeschooling fairs, attend one. There will be lots of reps there with homeschooling curriculums that you can look through. 
  • If you are new at homeschooling, consider purchasing a full curriculum. As you get comfortable with your new role as a teacher, you can begin to create your very own curriculum.
  • Consider buying used. Homeschooling materials can be expensive - but you can get good deals by buying used, or by trading materials with other homeschooling families in your family
  • Make sure anything you purcahse new has a return policy in case it doesn't work out for you or you aren't pleased with the material.
  • Don't think that you have to have the very best of everything - many books for reading can be checked out free from the library or bought very cheap used - online, at yard sales, etc. 
Enjoy your homeschooling andventures!
Thanks for your comment, I think that your feelings about traditional schools are the same as so many others that have decided to teach their children at home. It is really a great alternative for many families and I'm thrilled that we are free to make decisions about where and how our children are educated!
Bonnie C.
I homeschool my children through Idaho Distance Education Academy (IDEA). It was the best thing I could do for my children. The first time my daughter took her ISAT tests, after I took her out of the "brick and mortar" school, her scores increased in all areas. In Math her scores increased by 14 pts. We had never seen any changes in her ISAT scores. While she was in a "brick and mortar" school. The program is easy use. We have amazing support from a staff of professionals. There is plenty of help and support to make you and your children successful. I know I sound like an ad campaign; however, I believe that had I not taken my children out of the "brick and mortar" school system the problems we were dealing with would have increased. Not only were we dealing with a lack of educational professionalism, we dealt with bullies from other kids to teachers and staff members, safety issues, and stress for me and my children. Instead of providing my children with an education the teachers and staff members at the "brick and mortar" schools were bullying, threatening, teaching them inappropriate riddles and jokes, or turning a blind eye when other students were verbally or physically attacking my children. With homeschooling I know what my children are learning. I know they are not getting threatened or attacked. I think you would be surprised to find out what kind of education your children are really getting at the "brick and mortar" school. Homeschooling is the right choice for our family.
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