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Chuck E. Cheese Coupons

Thought we don't go here often, the kids do enjoy visiting Chuck E. Cheese every once in awhile on a rainy day.  I was pleased to find that they offer daily coupons online which really help out with the tokens.

You do have to submit your email address to access the coupons, however, you can print them off immediately, and the one I used today saved $10 in tokens.  The one I chose was a "buy 60 tokens, get 40 free for a total of $15 - (100 tokens for $15).  The daily coupons generally have four options - two for tokens only and two for food savings. 

I will say, that although it isn't my own personal favorite place to visit, (haha) their "prize" program has gotten a little bit better recently.  Essentially, each item has a point value, but if you don't have enough points for said prize, you can add points for 1 cent each.  So you can either cash in 199 points or pay $1.99 for a prize.  The little prizes are still cheesy, but the system is better than at other establishments.

I also like that they have a kid check-in & check out system for safety.  Oh, and I always bring Purell.  :)

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