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Cinnamon Ornaments

Try making these easy Cinnamon Ornaments with your children.  They will make your house smell wonderful!


Combine 1 c Cinnamon, ¼ c White Glue, and 1/3 c water in a bowl.  Allow your child to pat the dough into flat pancakes and cut out shapes using cookie cutters.  Create holes for hanging with the end of a drinking straw.  Place on a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees, turning the ornaments periodically.  Once dried and cooled, decorate the ornaments with glitter glue.  Sprinkle with a little extra glitter if desired (you can’t have enough glitter!) and allow to dry completely.  Add string or ribbon through the holes and hang.


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I think I made these as a kid!! I'll have to do them with my kids.
Tracy R.
My daughter made this ornament in preschool about 6 years ago, & it still smells as good today as it did back then. It really holds up well! In fact, my Girl Scout Troop is making these as Christmas presents this year! :o) Tracy
These really are great. My son made them at preschool one year and they smell wonderful! I still have them on the tree and they still smell great! Thanks for the recipe - I'm excited to try making them at home now.
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