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Clean Your Grout with Hydrogen Peroxide

I'd been noticing recently that for some reason mold had accumulated in some of the grout way above the towel bar in the shower. Why there? Who knows? In addition, I also noticed that what I originally thought to be mold instead were small pieces of grout which had disappeared between some of the tiles. Off to the google. This link seemed to offer the best and least expensive advice on how to solve both problems. So I made a solution of 1 part peroxide to two parts water, grabbed one of those free toothbrushes the dentist gives me every time, (I use electric) and gave it a try. I also scrubbed where some areas had acquired mildew. The article said to leave the solution there around an hour. Sure enough, when I went back the mold was gone. Now, you have the option of putting it in a spray bottle, and maybe that would work as well, but in my situation, a little elbow grease seemed in order. It didn't take much time at all and I didn't even scrub hard. Next I'll try the suggestion of replacing the grout. Once I do I'll let you know  if it works

Tia R.
Thanks for the tip! I just finished cleaning grout with glass cleaner mixed with baking soda! A strange combination, but worked like a charm. The hydrogen peroxide seems easier. Also if a toothbrush is too soft and small, a hand-sized scrub brush will work too.
Carla W.
I tried it and it worked great! Thanks.
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