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Cleans crayon, fingerprints, scuff marks, lawn...

If you have little kids, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really is magic.  A friend told me about it when we were in the process of moving and it worked wonders on scuff marks on walls and stairs, fingerprints everywhere and dings in the walls.  It also does an amazing job on cleaning lawn furniture to make it look brand new.  I gave one to a friend and she was giddily wiping down walls all over her house saying - "Wow, now I don't have to repaint!"  Check them out - they really are a timesaver.

Linda V.
I saw pictures of a kids hands and face that was burned from using magic eraser. I would highly recommend NOT letting your kids use it.
Jen W.
The website for Mr. Clean says that there are no "harsh chemicals". That does not mean there are not ANY chemicals in their product. Why else would there be a *WARNING on the box which states, "**Rinse required for dishwashing and surfaces in direct contact with food. Do not use with chlorine bleach." Could using it with chlorine bleach possible cause a chemical reaction? The way that ammonia does? The box also reads: "CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS TO AVOID ACCIDENTAL INGESTION". Cleaning products are not required by law to list the chemicals they contain. It is naive to think that it does not contain potentially harmful chemicals just because they are not listed on the box.
There are no chemicals in the "Magic Eraser". Any irritation on the skin would have to be from scrubbing your skin with it.
I love the Magic Eraser too! They are awesome on walls, the refrigerator, linoleum flooring and my most recent discovery: the black scuff marks, that come from who knows where, on my white car! Do be careful though, I've noticed that over vigorous scrubbing will actually remove some of the paint from you wall. The rougher the surface, the quicker they disintegrate as well. There are generic brands available now as well. I tried the generic ones sold at walmart and they seem to work just as well. I haven't noticed any skin irritations as the other commentor has.
Be very careful with the magic eraser it irritate's skin badly.....children need to be kept away..... Not worth the risk in having in the home!!!!
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