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Closet Organizer Systems - Double Your Storage...

Closet organizer systems are available form several different sources. They vary from all wood units that are prefabricated to coated wire systems or a combination of both. Another way is to build-in horizontal wood shelving with vertical supports and add accessories to the built-in system.

Typical closets have a single shelf with one bar located below the bar. You can do a simple modification of this by analyizing your needs. If this is a closet for a male, he does not need the full-height hanging space needed for dresses etc. Dividing the space in half with a vertical stack of shelves/drawers will give you double row hanging space on either side of the shelving unit.

Also you could consider many modular systems out there. Try This site allows you to design your closet online by laying out all your shelving and drawers from their pre-built systems. You can make any adjustments and see the results on your computer screen. You can even view your design in 3 dimensions and it is all controllable with your mouse. All you have to do is input your dimensions, door type and select the configuration that you desire. Make adjustments or go with several configurations and compare the amount of storage and price of each.

They will then send a system to you for you to install. Make sure that you measure correctly though as you want to make sure everything fits correctly. They even give measurement tips on their website for your guidance. You also can use this information as a "seed" for thought of constructing your own system or looking for a closet organizer locally. 

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