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Composting with Worms - It's Cool

Composting has gotten quite popular over the past few years as many people are trying to be more green.  Composting with worms is another twist on composting and it's my new favorite because it requires very little work on my part.  And any busy mom can appreciate the idea of doing something good without having to work for it!

Don't let the thought of worms turn you off from composting with them, you'll hardly see them since they'll be busy working! 

Composting with words is really easy.  You simply have to get a Worm Composter and some worms.  Once you have your bin, you add bedding and worms.  Then it's time to add the food scraps.  To be completely blunt, the worms eat the food and as they digest it and produce waste, you get compost.  Other than adding food, there isn't a whole lot to do.  

I highly recommend a three or four tiered bin so that you can take your compost and allow the worms to go into the next bin to start on another round of composting.  

In case you were worried, the worms will not escape from your bin.  You can even do composting with worms inside your house.  Yes, inside the house! And during the cold winter months that many experience, that's a great selling point.  

If you are considering composting, but are put off by all the adding "greens" and "browns" and stirring to aerate your pile, then go with worms instead.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is.  It's a really green thing to do and composting will actually save you money and give you healthier, happier plants at the same time.  

You can view a 4-tiered  Worm Composter.  You can even order your worms online - you can also pick them up at any local bait shop. Just ask for red wigglers! 

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