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Conversation Starter Cards

Conversation is becoming a lost art in today's high-tech, electronic society. As a parent, you are your child's first and best instructor in how to communicate effectively through spoken dialogue. Family mealtime is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate this skill and help your little ones develop a sense of what topics are appropriate and interesting, how to stay on topic, cede control of the conversation to someone else, wait your turn to speak, and much more. Coming up with new topics that draw everyone in can be challenging, so having a few teed up and ready-to-go at mealtime can be helpful. I created a few conversation starter cards for my family and have shared them in the link provided. Simply print out the PDFs provided on card stock, cut them apart and set them in the middle of the table!

Ahhh, yes! Isn't it ironic that the very devices that enable us to communicate more effectively with people who are halfway around the world often disrupt our ability to communicate with those sitting right next to us?!! I am always astonished at parents who allow their children to play on portable video game devices at a social gathering and miss out on the opportunity to interact with those around them. Hope the conversation cards help. You can also buy packs of them...these are just a start.
Diana G.
Thank you for this article-I sent it to my daughter who has 4 techies in her house. When we were out there last month, we went out for dinner and to my surprise the techies brought their technology. I tried to start conversations with them and lost to the technology. So this site will hopefully help them. Thank you !
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