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Do you have a boring homepage? Go to Google, look on your toolbar and click on "tools" then choose "internet options" and make iGoogle your homepage. They have dozens of fun and interesting things that you can put on your homepage. I have the news headlines, but I also get local weather forecast, recipe of the day, motivational quote of the day, giant eyeballs that follow my mouse cursor, a countdown to whatever event I choose, and on and on. It's really fun and it loads superfast.

Leslie W.
Yes! iGoogle has been my homepage for over 6 months and there are many useful things you can add: Among other things I have daily Sudoku, a calculator, a "post-it sticky note" for daily notes to myself and My Listy, a quick way to jot down any type of list. Google also has a myriad of services and creative applications to check out beside their search information.
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