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Cornstarch in the Tub

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My son had contracted a horrid diaper rash that left him with abrasions on his bottom that were so bad they bled. After three trips to the doctor's office and about 6 diaper creams later it was discovered that this particular diaper rash was so bad because it also included a yeast infection.

After finally being prescribed a heavy duty antiobotic ointment from the doctor my son's bottom was starting to heal.....or so I thought. Just as easily as the rash disappeared, it always seemed to return.

I began doing a little at home research of my own to determine what was causing the return of this rash and I discovered some great things along the way.

I discovered that a few tablespoons of cornstarch in the tub with some luke warm water not only soothed my son's bottom, but actually helped the cuts and abrasions begin to heal to the point where they did not return.

We all have cornstarch in the pantry and next time your child gets a bad case of diaper rash, skip the bubble bath and fancy soaps and just use plain old water and cornstarch-your child's skin rash will be soothed immediately and softened in the process.

Rayn M.
For myself I use Gold Bond powder and that seems to work well, although it is COLD!! Lotrimin works well on yeast rashes (you know it's yeast when even Triple Paste doesn't work). I'll have to try this idea since my son JUST got his first major diaper rash today. Good timing! Thx!
Debbie W.
Corn starch is great! I have used it for years, not only on the kids, but also on my Mom. Six years before she passed away she couldn't do anything for herself. She would often sweat which would leave a yeast infection under her breasts. A gentle washing, drying, and applying cornstarch and it would disappear in about 24 hours. I didn't know you could put it directly in the bath water! What a great idea!
It is great to dry up a bad rash, When diaper creams don't work use this tried and true soother and away goes the it is sliky smooth!
When my kids were little, I would use cornstarch instead of baby powder on their bottoms and after bath. I also used it when it was really hot and they were sweaty to absorb moisture. It's great stuff and not near as expensive as the baby cornstarch and powders.
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