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Costco baby wipes

I can't say enough good things about Costco's generic (Kirkland) baby wipes. They run $16 for 700. That works out to 2.3 cents per wipe. They're very durable and never irritated my son's sensitive skin.

I confess I didn't love their Kirkland diapers, but I only tried them when my son was a newborn. They do carry Huggies in bulk - no Pampers though.

Monica S.
My 2nd daughter was allergic to most baby wipes--even Pampers Sensitive--but Kirkland Signature were fine. I LOOOOOVE the wipes. Keep a package in the car, etc.
Lisa V.
These wipes are wonderful. I still use them for quick clean up of my 4 yr olds face, hands, ect. They have not perfume or scent and are very gentle and cheaper than other brands.
My kids don't wear diapers anymore, but I continue to buy these wipes. I have a box in every room of the house for quick cleanups.
Jodi R.
I love the wipes and the diapers really worked well on my daughter. I recommend trying them out. Just like any other diaper, the fit depends on the shape of the child. The price is great. AND Costco will take them back (even if you used a few) if you decide they ar enot the right fit.
Also...I wanted to add that you can use these for anything. I use them for cleaning up stains on my car seat, wiping my bathroom counters, removing make up and even wiping my computer monitor. They are great!
Oh I totally agree. What would we ever do without our Kirkland wipes!?! You can never have too many of these, and they really are a great bargain.
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