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Craft Supplies To Keep On Hand

Because we do lots of arts and craft activities, we have our finished products all over the house, and our guests always ask where we made them.  When they hear that we made it home, they are usually surprised, and ask where they can get ideas.  I think that the best help for doing craft activities is having lots of good supplies on hand, and a little creativity.  Here are some supplies I like to keep on hand, in no particular order.  Of course, some of these items cannot be used by very young children because of choking hazards, so use your discretion:


Markers (washable)

Tempura paints (washable)

Glitter tubes

Glitter glue

Spangles and sequins

Collage boards (I like the ones from Lakeshore)


Foam pieces – they come in shapes, flowers, letters, etc, and are either self-adhesive or you can use tacky glue

Buttons – large and colorful ones

Pipe cleaners – in all colors

Stamps and stamp pads in washable ink

Tissue paper – in all colors

Googly eyes

Elmer’s glue

Tacky glue – use with foam and collage materials so things will stick

Glue sticks – for paper crafts

Magnets – for small crafts and pictures so they can be hung in the kitchen

Decorative scissors

Hole puncher




Construction paper – heavy-duty

Scrapbook or “memory” paper

Cardboard - from cereal boxes or anything that comes from a warehouse store

Cotton balls

Feathers – can be a little messy

You will be surprised at how your creativity will increase with good supplies on hand.  For storage, I like to use plastic takeout containers for the smaller items.  You can find all these things at your local crafts store.  Have fun!

Eileen Z.
Great ideas. ;)
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