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Craft/Game for Children

Do you spend alot of time in the car or other places with the children and could use a new idea to help keep them busy?  This is a craft that you or you and your children can make together and then use as a game. 

You will need a large clear plastic tube with at least one end that can be opened and resealed (a large jar would work also).  You then place numerous small items, such as, pencils, erasers, paper clips, pennies, etc. (one of each type) into the container.  Make a list of each item you placed inside the container so you remember what is in there.  Fill the rest of the container up with either bird seed or small beads of any type.  Seal the container tightly and shake it up.  It is now time to use this as a game.  Have your list of items available and have the child try to shake up the container and find the listed items inside.  You will be surprised how quiet and interested they can be while they are searching for the items.   You can make duplicate containers and have races on who can find the items first. 

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